Fab land

Hello and welcome to Fab Land! What can we fabricate for you today? Having problems finding copper buss bar in small town New Hampshire? Not a problem why we've got this here thick walled copper pipe that is just dying to be cut up, pounded, drilled, and whipped into whatever shape you desire.

Toss in some goodly sized heat shrink tubing (my, ain't that a nice shade of red!) and we'll be good to go. Yessuh!

Pipe bashing wasn't the only fabricating in the garage this weekend. Spent lots of time cutting (too much: little jigsaws aren't really meant to cut lots of eigth inch steel and angle iron), welding, drilling, and painting supports for the controller board. With the driver's side support I was able to mount it using existing, tapped holes along the inner wheel well wall. For the other side I ended up using an old radiator mounting hole and then adding a little "platform" to the top battery frame where the cross bar can be attached. Here are all of the pieces. (I'm only showing the changed part of the battery frame with the new square mounting pad in place...upper left of picture).

Well, I'm getting better at welding. There's the odd glob here and there, but all of the joints stand up to the "beat it madly with a hammer" test.

In the lower portion of the photo you can see the main fuses for the battery pack. They are 500 amp fuses and will be mounted on each of the exiting legs of the rear battery compartment. I also finished up installing the brackets that hold the vinyl hose (which hold the battery cable, which hold the electrons, etc..) underneath the car. I've tried taking photos, but they never turn out and, to be honest, aren't very interesting.

Also started crimping and installing the BIG cable, but let's save those pictures until next week.


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