Hello, World!

Just wanted to take a page to thank everyone for the great feedback! Since starting this adventure last year I have received over two hundred email messages concerning my "diary" and the convert page has recorded over 7000 visits! It's great to hear from folks, many of whom have an EV conversion "itch" they are thinking of scratching. In some cases my conversion has slapped them to their senses, in others it only confirms that they can do it and they start asking for good suppliers.

And the feedback has been from all over the world: Sweden, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Norway, England, Italy (hmm, I wonder if he lives next to Zapi??), and even Wyoming (I'm partial to Wyoming having lived there on a few occassions). Some folks are making electric scooters, motorcycles, recumbant bikes, lawn tractors, and even some Mazda converters!

So thanks again for all of the support, questions, and comments. And if you decide to start an EV conversion and chronical it on the web, by all means let me know and I'll add you to my list. Plus I might be able to pick up some tips...


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