Tuesday March 5, 2002

Phil has a dandy non-cat picture today.

Here's how my day goes:
  roll onto back and start groaning at six am
jump out of bed at seven if not driven out sooner
trip to the woods
get a drink of water, maybe back to bed
break up fight between cats...I don't trust the three legged one
pester everyone until we go for a walk:
 - check the news
 - leave a few messages
head into town on errands
random things, get the mail
wander the yard, wonder when things will be green again
express my displeasure at tonight's piano students
listen to tv, maybe a movie
go to bed
groan when someone else gets in


Here's how my day goes:
  start kicking the dog around six am...shutup!
get out of bed a few minutes later
coffee. maybe cereal, maybe girl scout cookies
feed the cats...I don't trust the four legged one
weblogs, news, comics
tell the dog to shutup already, I'll go for a walk
- take some pictures
- wave at neighbors
- pick up trash
work on programming
head into town
more programming
toss the cats out
play with mud and water dammed up in driveway
avoid piano students
cook, eat, feed animals (4leg cat waiting by dish 2 hours)
watch tv, maybe a movie and read programming books
go to bed
nudge groaning dog with foot...move it buster


Here's how my day goes:
  ignore dog and husband
sleep until seven, maybe eight unless coffee is delivered
pet favorite (four legged) cat
breakfast, varies wildly
email, groups, maybe just one more game
practice piano and voice
drive electric car to work
tax work
tax work
home, quick snack
teach piano students
fawn over favorite (four legged) cat
practice piano
just one more game
go to bed
re-organize groaning dog and snoring husband to make room
sleep or if not go back four steps, repeat


Here's how my day goes:
  eat - sleep, repeat
prepare for above, repeat
annoy jerry, be cute for faith
get into trouble...cutely

-tink (4legs)

Here's how my day goes:
  eat - sleep, repeat
inside - outside, repeat
work on losing other limbs, repeat
destroy any who would oppose me

-king smudge (3legs)

Every once in a while I head over to Weblogs.com and check out 10 random weblogs.  Today's weblog trolling uncovered: Fluid Flow: Antidunes Antidunes are bedforms that form in fast, shallow flows. I have been fascinated by them since I was 5. They were even the topic of my dissertation, but that was mainly so I could continue playing in the sand.

flash bugZe Bug It's the Walking Bug Generator, a little flash diddy for generating bugs. Also on tap a tough Jigsaw puzzle. There's a huge collection of strange and interesting diversions at Levitated net. [coudal]