Friday June 14, 2002

Water Rocket

My brother in-law, Kirk, is a rocket scientist...water rocket that is. He's been building this rocket launch platform along with fine tuning a couple soda bottle rockets the past couple of days and it's pretty impressive. If you are new to the world of water rockets, especially the high powered variety, check out these sites: Water Rockets, Bigfoot rockets, Dogrocket.

UPDATE: check out our new water rocket article.

Dane Carlson • 2002-06-18 12:33pm


This photo -- and your links inspired my weekend. The wife and I built an H-platform cable tie launcher on Sunday and have been launching 2 liter bottles into the sky ever since. Tonite, we're test launching my first actual rocket. (Two bottles and a tennis ball.) Will have pictures soon.
Jerry • 2002-06-18 12:51pm


I haven't launched anything larger than the 1 liter bottles. One of the sites shows how to make rockets using those long flourescent light shields!

Rocket on...