Tuesday December 2, 2003

Snow Plows at dawn
The snow, that is.

Half a day later: It's STILL coming in from Canada! It's brought light snow, plunging temps, and a wind that really bites.

Last week my cousin Gigi wrote that she can't wait for snow to visit Nebraska. I'm thinking we should all pitch in and fly her out for snow shovelling and other fun winter activities! I need to winterize the pond (again!) she'd probably *love* plunging an arm shoulder deep in frigid pond water.

The pond, which was flooded just two days ago after more heavy rain has almost completely frozen over since last night. We have a little heat coil to keep a spot thawed open, but hadn't bothered installing it since flooding and mudding has been the main problem. Maybe this signals an end to the erosion?

Big Water Rocket

Big Bottle Rocket

My friend Brian has been going nuts with bottle rockets. He's part of the local CAP (Civil Air Patrol) and borrowed the launcher to show the cadets and use as a model for building his own launchers. Meanwhile the cadets are all busy fabricating a wide variety of rockets. I think there is a mass launch date planned in the next couple of weeks, I will be sure to share photos and movies.

Brian, ever the creative tinkerer, decided to build some multi-bottle and even multi-stage bottle rockets. The photo shows his first multi-bottle rocket. It may be hard to tell from the picture but that is one contiguous air cavity, even the caps connecting the bottle necks are hollow so air can flow between chambers.

BTW, the rocket and launcher is perched on a classic Yamaha SK30 synth he's been cleaning up to sell. Drop me a note if you are interested in it.