Saturday December 18, 2004
Zoomin Zekes
Shelley • 2004-12-18 01:38am

A very cool shot, indeed.
jerry • 2004-12-18 09:48am


Two shots. I didn't have the tripod and couldn't take the long exposure I wanted so I settled for two rapid shots instead. Neither really stood on it's own so they've been sitting on the hard drive for a few weeks.

Saw a night shot over at Orbit1 where he combined a series of long exposures using layers and lighten.

Brought the "two dogs" into PS as layers. Since it's a day shot of a black dog I used darken on the top layer and they blended together nicely. Just a little touch-up to remove darker leaves showing through one of the Zekes.

alfred • 2004-12-18 05:28pm

Hello, Jerry!
Thank you for the advice about the D-70! You have lots of great photos on your site. Took a quick look, and think this is my fav. Looks really cool. My first thought was "murder", but that could be me being too tired too:) Thanks again, Alfred.
Faith Henricksen • 2004-12-19 10:03am


But the cat's still ok....