Wednesday June 8, 2005
This Old Sun
Sunspots 772, 773, 774, 775, 776

As you can see the Sun is a little spotted this week.

These are sunspots: 772, 773, 774, 775, and 776. The larger one on the left is Sunspot 776 and it is still growing. Just the kind of thing to spur on solar flares and then aurora. Keep an eye on Spaceweather to see.

Taken using the D70 w/1.4 teleconverter attached to a 1000mm refractor telescope using a solar filter. I messed with it a bit in photoshop to highlight the spots. If you look really close there's surface mottle on the far right, like a scar from a past spot.

Karen • 2005-06-08 08:01pm

Color me impressed! :)