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It was a cold and sunny day today.  The sun, having abandoned us for the southern hemisphere, casts long shadows even at the strike of noon.  Zeke and I walked down to the pond where ice caked snow is almost as strong as when it was just ice.  Somewhere, we don't know quite where, but somewhere down below is a stick.  Of that we are always sure.

Dualing dog sniffs

Long shadows of winter

Back at the house Smudge and Tink are trying to make the best of having been thrown out. Technocat Tink, still too curious for anyone's good, decides to explore while Smudge, ancient and wise among the cat folk, snuggles tight against the warm brick house facade.

What's in here...


Scary monsters

And that's about all the excitement we can handle for the day. Everyone is called into place for a group photo and then it's back inside for hot Barbeque Chicken Pizza from California Pizza Company.

Places everyone...



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