Pumpkin Love - Pictures

The time finally came to cook the last of 2001's pumpkin crop.  After baking them whole in the oven Faith placed the pumpkins on the porch to cool down.  That night an ice storm moved through the area, encasing the pumpkins in almost a half inch of fresh ice, frosted by a teasing dash of snow.

Snowy iced pumpkin batch
Baked pumpkin looking suspiciously like oversized
sugar donut holes.

Nicely iced pumpkin

Inverted pumpkin top w/stem
The inverted "well" of ice  that was frozen on the top of a pumkin.
The ice and stem pulled away quite smoothly, reflecting the pumpkin ridges.

Stem with iced pumpkin lines

Ice shells from pumpkins
Empty pumpkin ice casings


Ice wave over rock
This doesn't have anything to do with pumpkins,
it's a pre-ice storm photo.


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