False Spring Thaw? - photos

The temperatures climbed into the mid-40's on Saturday which is almost like a day at the beach now that we are winter climatized. Snow is melting and ice is breaking up in the streams. Mud season is teasingly close.

inverted tracks

The nearby snow is melting faster than that compacted under this old foot path.
Zeke is following a trail long gone cold...


Ice Jaws

This eroding ice dam reminded me of Jaws rising from the depths...


Drippy Ice nose


Tree face in profile

I didn't even notice the face until editing the picture in Photoshop.
It's very similar to the NH "Old Man in the Mountain" profile.


Frozen bubbles
Layer after layer of bubbles frozen in the pond


Ice bug ranch
An ice bug crunching on crystalline crackers?


Trunktop mosses
Caught in a shaft of sunlight the top of this tree trunk is capped by a two inch thick hairdo of moss.


Ice lozenge

A beaver dam thaws
Rivulets of water venture forth
Slanted stem catching mist and splash
Lozenges of ice momentarily alive in the sun


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