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I've been trying to get some good photos of Zeke in action, but it's hard to do with the digital camera especially while trying to throw at the same time. Below are a few shots from a series of thirty or more.

Zeke is an amazing frisbee dog. He would probably be even more amazing if we would play frisbee the ten or twelve hours of the day that he wishes for. Snow, rain, mud, heat, doesn't matter: Zeke plays in any weather, any location. Sticks and tennis balls are ok, but a frisbee is the one true choice.

The Choice is Obvious

It is far harder to snap a decent shot of Zeke catching mid-air frisbee than it is for him to make the catch. Still, he doesn't always catch it in mid-air. His main problems are:

  1. the person throwing the frisbee
  2. outrunning the frisbee
Number two is the most prevalent, Zeke gets so wound up that he's off like a champion horse from the start gate and the frisbee doesn't stand a chance of ever catching him.


Easy Scoop

This is the running scoop move. He does this equally well with tennis balls and sticks. No slowing down. Somehow he's perfected the art of scooping on the run and even on hard pavement he manages to do so without losing jaw or chin skin. Once, just once, he scooped a stick too effectively and briefly became a dog hors d'oeuvres.


The Choice is Obvious

On the rare occasion when the running scoop maneuver fails we observe the elusive, hard to photo, stop and turn maneuver. Hey, who cares what happens to that backend of the dog? As long as we get that damn frisbee.

Zeke's a bit of a perfectionist and the frisbee is bound to get some extra special abuse for being difficult. In fact that's why we've resorted to using this squishy frisbee. Even though it's more fun and he does much better with really good frisbees, he tends to get annoyed at them eventually and they don't last long.


Prancing Snow Dog

A most important aspect of catching is getting the frisbee back to the thrower as quickly as possible. No stopping to pee or resting. Breathing is merely secondary. Must...get...back.



We're getting there. Dog goes one way, frisbee goes other way. I would like to obtain a government grant to study physics and geometry in dogs. You can almost hear him screaming "sin of theta not the tangent...grrrr!!".


The One True Way

Sweet success. A microsecond of self-congratulation and then back for another toss. Life is sweet!


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