A Dog's Morning Routine

Toes Up, lost in dreamland...
Forget daylight savings time, forget alarm clocks, sleep is good. Sleep on the bed is great.

I think you set the clock wrongLeave me alone...
Like all good things sleeping in bed comes to an end, despite well posed arguments or desperate pleading.

Woo woo woo, let's moove!

At this point the day can go one of two ways. Happiness and joy (a walk, frisbee, a long hike) or utter dejection (programming). As a dog one should always maintain an optimistic outlook. Be sure to communicate your happiness and your hope for a morning excursion.

Dog couch potato

Failing that an early nap isn't such a bad idea...

Office View

Failing THAT a snooze outside the office window allows the opportunity to monitor for any signs of impending walks...

If you like happy endings, then you'll be pleased to know that Zeke went for a long hike.


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