May blossoms

May 7th, 2002 and Spring continues apace.

The following were taken around the yard and along nearby roads.

dandelion inferno
Even a dandelion can have it's moments

joyous bloom

inner dafodil
Inside a dafodil

dandelion invasion
Dandelion "moments" last only so long...

the scourge
The scourge awakes

pollen frenzy
Just love that pollen...

apple blossoms
Apple blossoms

baby blue blossoms
Micro-blooms in the ditch

Busy as a bee surely describes this fella, busily bumbling along

On the verge of blooming.

Small, but energetic raspberry blooms

From the damp part of the yard: a fungal blossom?

Newt a flower...underwater at the beaver dam

unknown yellow
Another unidentified blossom from the ditch

Wild strawberries

Silky carpet littered with caterpiller poop


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