The Big Thaw, Spring 2003

This past winter was long, cold, and snow-filled. By the end of December we had over three foot of snow on the ground. Throughout the rest of the Winter it never really melted, only compacting with new snow and adding layers of ice from a couple light rain showers. Temperatures stayed below freezing for months on end and for weeks at a time they would hover at or below zero.

When the cold spell finally let go two weeks ago it did so with a gusto. By last weekend you could finally spot our lawn through a few melted patches in the snow. While this weekend all we have left is a few patches of snow. That is not to say there isn't plenty of snow left. In the shaded woods the snow is still over two foot deep.

Of course all of that water has to go somewhere, but unfortunately we are running out of room in the rivers. Flood warnings are out for this weekend as rain storms move through the area and warm temperatures continue.

Here's a few before and after photos:

Office view, December 16th 2002

Office view, March 30th 2003

Yesterday we set out some sticks along the shallow edge of the river. One stick was placed almost horizontal, about three inches above the passing water. This morning not only is the stick gone, but the bank where it was anchored is covered in a few inches of water. Another stick was washed away as well, only one remains.

Where once there were river banks, now there is only water...

Here's a series of photos taken in downtown Lebanon by the old mills. A little too early and squirrely for the Spring kayakers, but they'll be out soon.

Downtown Lebanon Mascoma River, March 17th 2003

Downtown Lebanon Mascoma River, March 23rd 2003

Downtown Lebanon Mascoma River, March 30th 2003

And finally. My favorite little waterfall is on the edge of town in Goodwin Park. It is usually a gentle and refreshing falls with water sculpted rock channels...this is the sculpting phase.

Goodwin Park Waterfall, March 17th 2003

Goodwin Park Waterfall, March 22nd 2003

Goodwin Park Waterfall, March 27th 2003


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