Sunday January 30, 2005

Last night the D70 was temporarily turned into a pinhole camera. Why? Mostly curiosity. I was shooting a bunch of shots for a possible How Zone article on lenses and had the idea of making a pinhole lens by drilling a small hole in the twist-on protective cap. The hole seemed a little large so I covered it in electrical tape and poked a small hole through that.

Petulant pinhole purists poised to pontificate poor puncture planning...proceed.

There were five 75 watt bulbs glaring at me (and I glaring right back) yet it still took 29 seconds of exposure to come up with this subdued (subdude?) shot.

Shelley • 2005-01-30 12:49am

So that's the man behind the cam.

You drilled a hole in your protective cap? My.

Looking forward to the new how to. Can you plan one on color?
jerry • 2005-01-30 05:41pm

Yep, that's the winter model.

Color? I don't know about that Shelley...

Tedhieron • 2005-01-31 09:56am

Man, you're jumpy! Hold still! ;-)