Wednesday February 2, 2005
Snow Aliens

On our ski outing this weekend we passed by a large snow covered field. For the most part it was an unbroken expanse of gleaming white snow but here and there, quite randomly, were strange patterns.

The two lines in the middle are from my skis, everything else is as we found it. Zig-zag of tracks, somewhat parallel, and then cryptic, fanned out patterns. There were a few other sets as strange or stranger scattered about the field. It looked sort of like an easter egg hunt gone astray.

We worked our way back to the road and started walking home. Along the way we passed a house bordering the field and discovered the most likely explanation.

The Lab boys got a day off...

Lab guys
Leigh • 2005-02-02 08:12pm

Those dogs mean serious business! I'm scared already :-)

The top photograph is great. The angle of it gives an impression of a hillside.