Thursday February 3, 2005
The Early Bird
Early Bird
Marina • 2005-02-03 01:51am

Oh, that's cute. It is amazing that it is possible to see the ice!
Jer • 2005-02-03 10:25am

I was thinking this was the same bird from earlier this year, Harry Birder, but that was a grosbeak:

Jeremyx • 2005-02-03 02:27pm

I love these pics. Any way you can get them to come through within the feed? I always get a: '[image: alt tag]' for the images in my aggregator.
jerry • 2005-02-03 04:53pm

Hi Jeremy,

Naw, I turned that off last year. The whole RSS/aggregator thing was kind of bumming me out. It made it really easy for folks to take my content and publish it in their logs, or elsewhere, without ever visiting (or sending vistiors to) my site.

So now I publish a teaser and if it sounds interesting then the full entry is just a click away.

Karen • 2005-02-06 10:04am

Nice purple finch!