Saturday November 12, 2022
Phone posting test

Needs work but can be done.

Jerry • 2022-11-12 12:00pm

Another comment test
Obvs time guy • 2022-11-12 12:01pm

It's 5pm, I have timezone issues
Jer • 2022-11-12 06:01pm

6:01pm, are we 😎?


NH Sunrise

Maybe you know this, maybe not, but when a web page shows you text all of that text is right there in the source code of the page. But almost always when you see an image it's first just web page instructions of where to get the image, dimensions, maybe some other parameters, and then the image is fetched in a separate network call by the browser as the page is gets loaded. Which is why you sometimes see a blank spot or "loading..." before it's shown.

Which means if you're trying to make a tool for adding an image to your post it is a multi-fold problem, first the image needs to be uploaded to the some server, then you need the formula for that image to insert in your post, and of course type all of the post and save that information on some server.

I used to use one script/page to upload an image, then copy the info for displaying it and paste that into my blog post which was made by a whole new script. Now there's one script ... slightly more elegant, but it ain't as easy as uploading a selfie to IG.


Well, first off a lot has changed with photos since I first made this blog. If you go back to my EV blog all of the photos look smaller than typical thumbnails. Now, when I try to "upload" an image using my old script, it fails with a [Your Image is 1,394,222 Bytes the maximum allowed is 300,000] rather than, you know, resizing it to something reasonable. There's also new-fangled formats like HEIC, which I should probably convert to JPG along the way.

But the real sticking point to my workflow for posting images is that one script just uploads/checks the image and then gives me a URL, which I'm supposed to copy and put into this weblog posting script along with whatever text/formatting is needed. Meanwhile every modern social site is uploading/massaging/saving your image while you're mulling over the text that you want to include with it, so that when you eventually hit POST it's an almost instantaneous event.

At the very least I'd like a page/webapp for my phone where I can pick a photo, type something witty, and it gets posted and dealt with by the server, not by me.

Working on updating the scripts so I don't have to type in the same html markup!

Probably a better approach would be to use some kind of markup language like Markdown, then it gets "rendered" when shown on a web page. But there's years of old html cruft, so I'd really need to make sure those are ignored by detecting existing html or having a flag going forward. Doable, but how much work do I want to put back into this blog when I may just get bored with it again and not touch it for another 5-10 years? ";^)