Saturday November 12, 2022

Well, first off a lot has changed with photos since I first made this blog. If you go back to my EV blog all of the photos look smaller than typical thumbnails. Now, when I try to "upload" an image using my old script, it fails with a [Your Image is 1,394,222 Bytes the maximum allowed is 300,000] rather than, you know, resizing it to something reasonable. There's also new-fangled formats like HEIC, which I should probably convert to JPG along the way.

But the real sticking point to my workflow for posting images is that one script just uploads/checks the image and then gives me a URL, which I'm supposed to copy and put into this weblog posting script along with whatever text/formatting is needed. Meanwhile every modern social site is uploading/massaging/saving your image while you're mulling over the text that you want to include with it, so that when you eventually hit POST it's an almost instantaneous event.

At the very least I'd like a page/webapp for my phone where I can pick a photo, type something witty, and it gets posted and dealt with by the server, not by me.