Sunday June 22, 2003

Whadya think, would Zeke enjoy a twenty five thousand dollar jacuzzi?

  • DVD System.
  • State-of-the art entertainment center, with a 43" high definition flat screen television.
  • Floating remote control.
  • Underwater lighting.
  • Side-by-side ergonomic loungers.
  • Energy-efficient, self-draining, double-insulated pump.
  • Patented Silent Air Induction system.
  • Slip-resistant bottom.
  • Built-in CD/AM/FM stereo with remote control.
  • Surround sound system.
  • Tru-Level self-leveling base system.
  • 2 Directionally adjustable foot jets.
  • 2 directionally adjustable body and side jets.
  • 6 Fully adjustable PowerPro jets.

I'm just waiting for my filthy-rich eccentric period to start so I can buy one.

Barry (Jerry's current "Mr. Burns"... • 2003-06-23 11:08am

Perfect for watching "Das Boot" or "Jaws" !
jerry • 2003-06-23 12:37pm

dags boot? paws?