Lebanon Weather   Friday November 5, 2004
Vermont Moonset, Sunrise

Vermont Moonset, Sunrise

Linda • 2004-11-05 10:18am


Nice new look to your web page. Clean and clear, not cluttered.

The pictures are always great. Where is the Vermont Sunrise picture taken, what area?
jerry • 2004-11-05 11:41am

Thanks. There has been some concern as to the misplacement of whimsy, which we are looking into.

The Vermont shot was taken from a hilltop in NH looking over the Connecticut into VT. Probably towards your house. There might be a little bit of NH along the edges.
steve • 2004-11-05 06:40pm

Very nice--the picture, and the look.
Jenny • 2005-01-28 07:39pm

Great colors.