Friday March 30, 2007
Family Room in Feb Family Room end of March

A shot of progress to date on the family room project and, if you peak out the window, of the change in season. Closets are closed in, drywall is up, and I've even started the "mudding" the walls. If nothing else it's cleaner. I've found that I get much more done if it is cleaned up after each day's work. Something about seeing the progress and not seeing a mess helps to keep the motivation up.

The floor is coming along. The kidney shaped area is a hundred some pounds of self-leveling cement, used to bring up the old garage drainage slope to less of a drop (it was almost an inch in the center) so the sub-floor can be leveled without scads of shims. Speaking of sub-floor those little 2x2 shapes are the Dricore system we settled on. Less than an inch thick they help to insulate the floor above from moisture and the cold cement, while still offering a means for air to circulate. It's a tongue and groove system, which goes in pretty much like laminate flooring, and I'm an old pro at that!

I bought a cheap Black & Decker leveling laser, but it turns out to really only be suited for stuff on a wall. Still, I could sort of jerry-rig it to shoot a beam across the floor and get a rough idea what the slope of the land is, so to speak. What worked best though is plugging the drain and pouring water into the center. This showed exactly where the low spots were, which I outlined in blue chalk and used as a guide when pouring the leveling cement.