Lebanon Weather   Sunday December 30, 2007
Magnetic Monkey
Magnetic Monkey

This is one of the few toys we've bought for Zane, I couldn't resist: it has magnets in all four feet! There's also some metal or magnetic material behind the eyes that allows the monkey's hands to attach and cover them for monkey-peek-a-boo. But the best thing, and what came to mind when I first saw it at the store, is you can toss it up in the air in the family room and it'll eventually stick to the steel beam.

Oh, and Zane likes it...I think. ":^)

Ted • 2007-12-31 11:16am

It's a fun-looking toy, but be VERY careful that the colored rings or the magnets can't come off under twisting, throwing, and biting action! Lots of this season's recalled toys have magnets that get loose.
Faith • 2008-01-10 11:43am

Thanks, Ted.

The toys are pretty tough to deal with this year. We will have to monitor to be sure Z doesn't chew off the feet and hands for sure! He doesn't get to play much with this toy, though. Mostly, daddy plays with it.

If that monkey hangs there much longer, all the stuffing will rush to his head!