Thursday October 14, 2010
The Bathroom Project
Le Pig Window

This has been a long time in development. I ripped out the old tub and surround earlier in the year, put in a new tub, and then we got stalled trying to decide on what to do next. We wanted a new window and tiles instead of a plastic surround, but who would do it? I didn't know enough about installing a new window and we never got around to calling for someone who might. Every few weeks I'd browse the web or wander around in Home Depot trying to figure out what to do and each time not really making any progress. The biggest block (to my mind) was that the window sizes I'd been looking at came as replacements, not new windows, which meant no nailing flange and I just couldn't figure out how I'd put them in. Finally a sales lady pointed me to some new construction (i.e. flanged) windows that were slightly larger. Faith admitted that she had wanted a larger window anyways. A quick mockup with a (pig) poster and that pretty much sealed the deal. This weekend I sketched out what I was going to do, made a list of supplies and then spent most of Sunday installing the window and then insulating and putting up backer board on Monday.

The most difficult part was dealing with the vinyl siding. There's no getting around having to take all of it off around the window and what an arduous and messy process that turns out to be. All told I spent a couple of hours on the ladder wrestling with it, uncovering huge colonies of live cluster flies and the detritus of a few decades of departed ones. Then, after the window was in I had to reinstall the stuff: cutting it to snug around the window, hammering and snapping rows together, and then the last row took a good half hour or more (and many slices on fingers) to get the final two rows hooked together. In fact, before even starting the project this weekend, I went out to verify that I could get the siding to unhook and stood a chance of getting it back together.

The window makes quite a big difference. Now we have to remember not to instinctively turn on the light since there's enough coming in from the window during the day. The window also makes the room feel bigger, even at night when there's no light. The other morning at five Zane woke up and wanted to use the bathroom. While he sat on the potty, in the dark save for a nightlight, we looked out the window at the stars.

First steps Getting serious now... And it's a wrap!