Lebanon Weather   Wednesday November 16, 2011
Happy Birthday Sis!
Laura & Great Grandparents

This is a photo from, oh, sometime in the early sixties with Laura and I perched on the laps of our Great Grandparents. Great Grandma Louise, I believe, was her namesake and from what I remember of her kitchen during our visits, perhaps one of Laura's cooking inspirations. Sometime around this age I was caught with a large jar of brightly colored and shaped buttons that I was feeding to baby Laura. I wonder how many she ate before I was caught. Interesting diaper change, for sure!

I'd like to think I was a better brother going forward, but there are enough incidents (like dropping a hammer on her head) that prove the contrary. Still, she's always been a great sister. Maybe Chris and I will someday forgive her for catching the BIGGEST fish ever and getting her photo in the newspaper. Probably not.

Love you, sis.

Laura and Zane