Lebanon Weather   Wednesday August 28, 2002

I've been Jaguar'ized. Most of the time & effort was in preparation, trying to figure out what to backup. The upgrade was cake. Pop in the disk, agree to the EULA and do something else while they mold the Mac into its new form. Afterwards everything was mostly as I'd started with the addition of a few new icons in the dock (iChat, Sherlock, a couple others). Played around with them a bit. Checked out the System Prefs...many new things there, some not as obvious. Changed to the new Graphite appearance. Checked out some of the new sharing options (printer, windows...cool). Glad to see that file find has escaped the clutches of Sherlock.

I'd also upgraded to Mozilla 1.1 and while checking things out ran across the The Global Civil Society Laptop. My kind of computer appliance. Here's a few quotes:

You have to get power somewhere, why limit yourself to one source? The global civil society laptop gets power from anything you can clamp it to- from solar cell to car battery, funky native power outlet, or someone rubbing their hands against a balloon. I thought I'd avoid red for positive and black for negative.... aren't there enough color problems in the world? Besides, that would imply that you could screw things up with the incorrect polarity... which you can't. That's the nice thing about the GCSSPS...it'll take anything you give it.

If you're running on a potato or watch battery, and it's not a lot of power, the system merely slows down. If you attached it to an arc welder and really, there's probably too much power, it runs a lot faster. If it gets too hot, you can always submerge it in a lake or river. (It's all vacuum-sealed and waterproof)
Grommets make it easy to attach a handle, shoulder strap, or mount it on the wall. Attach to a fishing line and drop the whole thing down a well for cooling or archival purposes. Chain it to yourself for a quick security solution. If you ever had to mount a server to an elephant or an iceberg, you know that grommets make the job a whole lot easier.