Monday November 12, 2001

Our very own technocat, Tink, got upgraded to a KnotHeadCatStopper 2.0 collar this weekend. The collar, which she's been wearing in one form or another for the past couple of years, keeps her from scratching a small spot between her shoulder blades from an old shooting wound. Tink managed to scratch all of the hair off the spot and made pretty good strides at removing the skin as well before we figured out a way to stop her. That's why she's been wearing a cut-out yoghurt container covered with a bright purple sock. The plastic keeps Tink away from the skin and the sock holds the whole rig together and firmly on the cat. Lately the sock and plastic have been falling apart. Even with ample re-application of duct tape its days were numbered.

This new, sporty model combines a cheap harness ( Walmart) with a slice from a plastic chicken liver tub and, of course, some duct tape for the ultimate in technocat style.

KnotHeadCatStopper 1.0