Sunday October 19, 2003
Final Pond Photo

Pond Panorama

Here's a photo of the finished pond. Our friend Linda came over and helped with plants and then there was a pile of rock, bark mulch, and gravel touch-up. Just in time for Winter!

The photo is a series of four photos taken using the Canon A70's panorama mode (it helps line the next photo edges with the previous one's) and then stitched together using the Canon stitching application. Not bad at all, it even curved some of the images to maintain the alignment. There's a little distortion, but you get the idea.

This panorama was stitched together using photos not taken with the panorama feature, and furthermore they were first rotated in another application. The Canon stitch program asked what focal length was used. Huh? Jeez I dunno. Tried 25mm but it failed halfway through. 35mm seemed to work, although I really don't have three legs nor are there two large white Koi in the pond. ":^)

Pand Panorama two

lln • 2003-10-19 10:21pm

You have too much time on your hands, I can cure this dilemma with weeding my Wyoming garden in July and August. Hope you planted some cool grasses like miscanthus next to your pond...I think I see Sedum there but you should call your sister for a consultation on plants.
jerry • 2003-10-20 12:55pm

Nice to hear from ya, Sis.
Pedraum Pardehpoosh • 2003-10-21 07:36pm