Monday December 1, 2003
Knot Head Cat 4.0

Long time viewers might remember Tink the cat who was shot a few years back and ended up wearing what I affectionately called the Knot Head Cat Stopper (1.0 & 2.0).

After her injury Tink had all kinds of problems: mentally numb, right foot didn't always work, and then she scratched off all of the hair and much of the skin from a spot between her shoulder blades. Faith's free mutant ditch kitty sure was having a tough time.

The good news is that time does do wonders. Each KHCS was a bit smaller and Tink seemed to spend less time trying to rip off her own flesh. A few weeks ago we took off the frayed and mangled remains of Knot Head Cat Stopper 3.0 in order to make a KHCS 4.0. While studying it I noticed that Tink wasn't scratching. We've left it off and so far she hasn't scratched at all.

Knot Head Cat

It's kind of funny, she looks just like a normal cat. Now what am I going to call her?

Faith Henricksen • 2003-12-02 08:31am

We could revert back to the pre-injury Tinkle Toes!
pk • 2003-12-09 04:05pm

can't believe it! Your "Faith" in healing paid off.